Representing the views of the community in the planning process is one of the most important aspects of Councillor McMahon’s role. Please search for developments in Ward 32 using the map below, or scroll down for updates and statements regarding local developments.


Councillor McMahon is committed to public engagement in our planning process. There are lots of ways to influence the planning process before a development is approved including public meetings in the community.

If you would like to learn more about a specific development please see the map below or email

 New Hope Shelter

The Salvation Army is establishing the New Hope shelter for men at 29 Leslie Street.  This shelter will replace the shelter that was closed at Collage and McCaul in 2015.

A Community Liaison Committee has been created to help direct this project.  The committee includes local residents,  City staff, Councillors, and representatives from local senior’s housing, School Boards, community agencies and local businesses.

To learn more about this project click here

Public Meeting 650-652 Kingston Road and 2 Main Street



map from notice

Date:         Monday, February 8, 2016

                    Time:    7:00 pm 

                    Place:   Beaches Recreation Centre (6 Williamson Road)

This Zoning and Official Plan Amendment application proposes a seven-storey residential building containing 75 units and 661 sq. M of non residential floor -area.  A total of 32 below grade parking spaces are proposed.

You can view a copy of the preliminary report.

To speak to the planner directly, contact Derrick Wong at 416.392.0776 or


Public Meeting 96-104 Coxwell Avenue

96 coxwell public notice map


Date:           Tuesday, February 2, 2016

                    Time:    7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

                    Place:   Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 01/42) at 243 Coxwell Avenue


This Zoning Amendment application proposes a four-storey residential building containing 22 stacked townhome units at 96 – 104 Coxwell Avenue.  A total of 20 below grade parking spaces are proposed.

You can view a copy of the Preliminary Report.

To speak to the planner directly, contact Jason Tsang, at 416-392-4237 or


Councillor McMahon’s Statement Regarding 2301-2315 Danforth Ave.

Representing the views of local residents in the planning process is one of the most important aspects of my role as Councillor. Unfortunately, there are times when I must recuse myself to ensure that my personal and professional lives do not appear in conflict.

The proposed development at 2301 and 2315 Danforth Ave. is located very close to my personal property and therefore I have recused myself from this file and asked a fellow city councillor Joe Mihevc to represent the local community in my stead.

This decision is based on the advice of the City of Toronto’s Integrity Commissioner and a desire to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Joe Mihevc is a veteran councillor with a long history of community engagement and planning negotiations. He has a great deal of experience with mid-rise development and is a very passionate advocate for local residents. I am very confident that this project will be in good hands with Councillor Mihevc.

For all communications regarding this development please contact Councillor Mihevc at

Mary-Margaret McMahon


Settlement Achieved at 1327 Queen Street East

In early December, City Council approved a settlement between the developer of 1327 Queen Street East and the City of Toronto. The developer has agreed to significantly alter the proposed building in accordance with the wishes of the community and City.

93% of my fellow City Councillors agreed that we have succeeded in gaining concessions from the developer and will not have a better outcome if we pursue this case at the unelected Ontario Municipal Board.

With this settlement we have achieved significant improvements on the three major areas of concern:


Height and Massing

  • Reduction of the overall height of the building to 25.8 metres from 30.15 metres.
  • Reduction in the number of floors visible from Queen Street East to six from eight.
  • No residential units above the sixth floor facing Queen Street
  • Upper floors further set back from the street.
  • Fourteen fewer units in the approved design.
  • More than 1,000 sq. meters smaller than the original proposal.
  • Eighteen 3-bedroom units to encourage families.

Sidewalk Width

  • The revised design will ensure there is a 4.8 metre wide sidewalk along Queen Street East.

Orientation of Rear Units

  • Number of units at the rear of the building adjacent to the lane has been reduced from fourteen to eight.
  • Rear units will no longer have primary access from Memory Lane.


I understand that some members of the community may be disappointed this building has been approved, even in its improved form. The power of the Ontario Municipal Board to veto the will of City Council and local communities has forced us into a situation where compromise is the often the wisest option.

The loss of older buildings and greenspace in our community is always difficult, however continuing to fight this development would not have achieved a more favourable result.

Finally, I want to reiterate that I am committed to bringing clearer and tighter planning regulations to this community. In January, 2016, new guidelines for Queen Street between Leslie Street and Coxwell Avenue will be unveiled. These guidelines are based on input from the community and will ensure that any new development protects and enhances the character of the neighbourhood.




Mary-Margaret McMahon

Councillor Ward 32