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Danforth Planning Study Underway

In July 2014, City Council requested the City Planning Division to undertake a study of Danforth Avenue, in two segments, between the Don River and Coxwell Avenue and Coxwell Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue. The Toronto City Council direction authorizing the study is available here.


Danforth Avenue is primarily characterized by low-rise (two to three storey) mixed-use buildings and is identified as an Avenue in the Toronto Official Plan. City Planning staff have been directed by City Council to undertake a Planning Study of Danforth Avenue in two segments, from the Don River to Coxwell Avenue and from Coxwell Avenue to Victoria Park Avenue. This particular Avenue segment was selected as it is experiencing some development interest, there are sites that may attract redevelopment interest due to their size, attributes or availability, and a local framework to guide and manage growth is needed at this time.

Study Area

Danforth Avenue Planning Study Map
The study area includes the following:

  • Properties with frontage on Danforth Avenue between Coxwell Avenue to the west and Victoria Park Avenue to the east

Scope of Work

The Danforth Avenue planning study will be a multi-disciplinary review to be conducted as a comprehensive and integrated planning study. The study will be led by the City Planning Division (Community Planning with support from Urban Design, Heritage Preservation Services and Transportation Planning). Transportation Services, Economic Development and Parks, Forestry and Recreation Divisions will also support the study as required. City Planning staff will undertake a scope of work that will involve reviewing the character and place, the built form, the public realm, the retail vitality, the community services and facilities and the heritage and historic character of Danforth Avenue, in the context of the various surrounding neighbourhoods.

Community Engagement

The study will include a series of four to five community meetings, as needed, which may take the form of workshops, charrettes or more formal meetings. The first meeting is anticipated to be held in June 2016 with additional meeting dates to be determined and provide here at a future date.

A Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC), including representatives of the various residents associations in the area, landowner representatives, business representation and members of the general public, will be established and a separate terms of reference created, to maintain ongoing communication and feedback from the community.

More information can be found on the project webpage.


Queen Street East Restaurant Study

On March 23rd, Councillor McMahon and the City of Toronto’s Planning Department held a meeting in the Beach United Church to discuss potential changes to the exiting regulations governing restaurants in the Beach. The meeting was well attended with representatives from the BIA, business owners and many local residences.

The panels below illustrate the current state of the neighbourhood and proposed changes.

More info can be found at the project webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact George Pantazis or Councillor McMahon at

Queen Restaurant Study Panel 8 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 7 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 6 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 5 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 4 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 3 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 2 Queen Restaurant Study Panel 1