Trisha S. 

Hi, I just want to know if ever Ward 32 is open to new people who want to join the organization even if it’s non-councilors? I’ve been a big supporter of this group and I just want to be a part of Ward 32 since they make such good events and projects that inspire me a lot. I hope someone can answer my question, thank you! 


Kath F.  

Hello, Trisha. I’m a part of the Ward 32 organization and I just want to tell you that we do welcome anyone who wants to join the organization whether they are a councilor or not. Please send us an email immediately if you want to so we can discuss it as soon as possible. We are very thankful that we inspire you and that you support us to the point that you want to be a part of us. I’m sure that you will be a great help to us, we are more than excited to have you in the organization soon! 


Trisha S. 

Thank you, Kath! I will make sure to send a message as soon as possible. And, I’m so glad to receive such words from one of the people who are behind Ward 32. I’m so thankful that you answered my question! It’ll be exciting to join your group. However, I am wondering if Ward 32 will be posting any news about new events soon? 


Kath V. 

No problem! I am more than glad and willing to help. Yes, Ward 32 will be posting news in a few days. We are just working on a few things before we confirm everything on this website. We will be holding new events so I hope you’ll get to participate soon and be a part of that new event.