Hi, I’ve been wondering about your past activities over the years and I just wanted to know what information is available about your organization in this website. Can I ask if there is any way I can read about your past events and projects on this website? If yes, how can I do that? 

Hello, thank you very much for giving us your attention and wanting to learn more about us. If you want to read or know more about the past events we did and held, just go to the “Events” tab at the top part of this website to view our past, recent, and future events. You may also visit the “Activities” tab or section to know more about the things we did in the past and what we are currently doing as well.  

Can I join the organization through this website? If yes, how? 

We’re deeply sorry to tell you that you cannot join the organization through our website. However, you may just send us an email regarding your intent to become a member if ever you want to. Just tell us your reasons for wanting to join and don’t worry, we’ll make sure to send you a reply as soon as possible. 

Do I still have to create an account on this website so that I could post on your forum or it’s not really necessary? 

No, you don’t have to create an account on this website just to post anything you want on our forum. However, we will need a name and also your email so we can send verifications or send you notifications if ever someone replies to your posts. 

Is there any Ward 32 organization in other places as well or do you only have one organizatiob in just one place? 

We only have one organization for Ward 32 but we are thinking about expanding our organization in other places as well.