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Importance of a Councilor

The work of councilors is important because they are the ones who serve as champions of specific advocacies and drive the resolution of issues. Organizations will not be complete without the people behind it, and of course, councilors are included in this respect. There are a lot of organizations that seem to start nowadays and that is actually a good thing since these groups actually contribute to society. They do a lot of things to help other people and they create so many events and campaigns to promote change for the better. People in small communities and towns can also create their very own organizations, just like what happened in Ward 32.  

In Ward 32, a small organization sprouted out of meetings held in a garage door.  This is of course thanks to that helped them a lot to make their humble place be safe and secure for them to use as a meeting area. This is where they started their plans and blueprints for the many community programs and projects which include community strategy sessions, seminars, and fairs. They also worked with different councils on the environment, community and education issues. There are some small  local businesses which supported the group which actually helped a lot of  people. They also hosted many events regarding education for children, health for the kids and adults and a lot of community missions.  

Now, the people in Ward 32 continue to create more and more events and projects. with the help of their elected councilors. They still do great things and support many educational events not just for kids but also for adults. Since Ward 32 focused on educational issues before, they are now planning to give more focus and attention to the environment. They support many activities and events which gave them an opportunity to discuss many things with other people especially regarding their soecific responsibilities to keep the environment clean and not take all of its resources at once. The councilors helped to develop strategies for their plans, formulate seminars and host many events that encouraged lot of people to participate. For years, the people in Ward 32 have done great things, now they invite you to be one of them. Councilor or not, anyone can be a part of this group, work together and do good things together. The people in Ward 32 experienced a lot of things and were able to really work with more people in doing and spreading good things.   


If you are a person who seeks knowledge, wants to help others, advocate many things, or be a part of great events that will support many programs and projects, we all invite you to participate and join Ward 32. Share great experiences with the people behind the group. If there are things you’d like to tell or share, you are more than welcome to post anything on their website. Learn more about Ward 32 and the people behind them at this website. 


Feel free to contact us for any questions tou may have. You are more than welcome to ask us about the work that we do.  


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