About Us 

Ward 32’s organization was built and created by a group of councilors in Wisconsin. With their hard work and help, and because of one inspiring councilor named Margaret McMahon, these people were able to contribute a lot and start their own organization. Since this woman, a councilor, did so many great things in the past, the people in Ward 32 were more than motivated to do just the same. In their small town, they planned so many things that they thought of setting up an organization all by themselves to make these things happen. Fortunately, it didn’t turn out to be as hard as they thought. 

With other people’s help and support for these councilors and members, they were successful in creating their own organization. It was not too easy, but it was not difficult as well because they were all in this together. They banded together and cooperated with each other. They did everything to make it all happen, and so after several years, they became an organization with great people who do great things for others. The organization started developing and implementing activities, holding events, seminars and more. With the help of many people, their hard work in all these activities and  projects paid off because they were able to do it better and more efficiently. 

Now, Ward 32 and the people behind this organization continued creating more and more programs and events that will able to be a great help for others. They encouraged each and everyone to participate and be a part of all these activities. They are sure that anyone will be able to help. Let us all keep doing good deeds and support all these activities to create a better place for us and change things for our own good! Let’s see each other on Ward 32.